Land Pride

Holley Tractor & Equipment carries the full line of Land Pride farm, turf, mowing, cutting, dirtworking, seeding, tilling and landscaping implemen

Compact Drills

Ideal for pasture, wildlife conservation, roadside seeding or reclamation management.


A full line of Dirtworking products to meet any need, from homeowner to commercial applications.

Grooming Mowers

Our Grooming Mowers leave your grounds with a clean cut look every time.

Rotary Cutters

With models up to 20′ wide, our full line of Rotary Cutters have the features and strength to tackle the toughest job.

Rotary Tillers

Our full line of Rotary Tillers are American made and provide quality results to fit your every need, large or small.


With Land Pride’s line of Solid Stand Seeders, you’re assured of getting the job done with exceptional results.